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What we offer:

-Website Design & Construction
-Webpage Design & Construction
-Website E-Commerce/Shopping Carts
-Webdata Applications
-Webmaster Services
-Website Graphics
-Website Banner Ads
-Website Consultation

Rates And Fees

Website Design & Construction

-A simple (yet creative) 4 page website with graphical navigation buttons and one logo/heading graphic....$1000.00

-Each additional page....$125.00

-Each additional graphic....$75.00

-Any interactive or dynamic page generating script configuration is extra. Cost depends on the extra features you may need.

-Free consultation, answers to your questions, and a few lessons in website authorship thoughout our communication and collaboration of the design and constuction of your website.

* Prices above do not include domain name registration or webhosting costs. You can find our affiliated domain registration and webhosting company to purchase hosting and domain registration

Webdata Applications

-Specializing in putting your data or inventory browsable online.

-Used Car Lots..Put your inventory online professionally with pictures.

-DJ's..Make your music list searchable by visitors on your website.

-Prices start at $1800.00

Contact Us with your needs for a custom quote.

Website Ecommerce & Shopping Carts

-Sell products and services and accept credit card payments online.

-Prices start at $1800.00

Contact Us with your needs for a custom quote.

Webpage Design & Construction

-A creative professional Webpage to display your Business or Organization.

-Built with your logo and content that you provide.

-Each page....$125.00

Website Consultation

-Wondering how it all works and how it can work for you?
....Free info and explanations for our clients and $125.00 consultation fee for prospective clients.

Webmaster Services

-Updating text changes to your website with text that you write and provide.....$75.00 per update per page.

-Adding link codes or editing graphic image codes for graphic images that you provide.....$125.00 per update per page.

Editing any script or server parsed programing file........$125.00 per item per file

-Other updates and changes....priced on a case to case basis

Website Graphics

Contact US with your specific webgraphic needs to recieve a custom rate.

Website Banner Ads

-We will create a digital graphic banner ad for your business with logos and information that you supply for us to create your banner with.

-Our rates are $80.00 per banner ad for a simple non-animated banner ad up to 460x80 pxls in size. Contact us for rates on different size banners. You must supply your current ad copy and logos for your new ad banner in a useable form. Custom logos graphics cost extra on a case to case basis.

-To inquire about having us make your web banner ad and for more information contact us.

Website Hosting

-See our affiliated webhosting and domain registration company Here.

To Inquire about any of our services
EMAIL: webmaker@websiteville.com